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How long does it take my carpet to dry ?

Normal dry times are 4-8 hours depending on type of fibers, temperatures and air flow.


What do we need do before cleaning?

we ask to pick up any personal belongings. move light furniture off the carpet & have areas pre vacuumed. clear a spot in driveway


Can we be in the house while cleaning is in process?

Yes, note equipment can be  loud & must be careful with hard surfaces like wood floors and tile can get extremely slippery.


Is your cleaning safe for pets & kids?

Yes, absolutely we only use high quality non toxic solutions in your home.


What about pet stains & odors?

We can extract urine & deodorize remaining odors. we can bring those carpets back to life and save you on  carpet replacement. some stains that have been previously treated with over the counter products run the risk of being "set-in" and will not come out.

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