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The well being of your home and family is our #1 priory. To earn your trust we provide a number of safety measures to protect you such as shoe guards and gloves while on the job, safety mats to protect your flooring, corner guards to protect your paint and potential scruffs during the cleaning process and our seal a door process as well to protect your home from potential bugs flying in, air draft or pets getting out. We value your service and treasure your trust more!


Carpet Cleaning

Step 1.  Pre inspection - this allow us to note traffic areas stubborn spots or odors that could need more attention or special treatment.

​Step 2. Furniture removal - we move smaller furniture under 30. we do not move sofas entertainment  centers bed frames etc.

Step 3. Pre-spray- we use a bio- degradable non toxic detergent to thoroughly treat carpeted areas this is one of the most important steps!

Step 4. Rinse & extract - we rinse and flush out deeply embedded soils with temperatures up to 230 degrees. removing grime and residue.

Step 5.Dry -dry times are important, we perform a second dry stroke this guarantees your carpet will be dry within the shortest time possible.(could take 6-12 hours depending on temperatures, air flow in areas and type of fibers)

Step 5. Post inspection!

**​Our deep cleaning is a non-toxic hot water extraction  process designed to restore your carpets back to its beautiful original appearance.**

After Care

  1. Give your rug a good shake monthly

  2. Vacuum regularly 

  3. Make sure the rug is Thoroughly dry.

Rug Solutions 

Step 1.Pre- inspect all areas of the rug to determine the type of rug and look for spots, stains and dander.

​Step 2. Treat all areas with a unbeatable CEO- friendly solution that matches your rugs PH balance and our competitors cant not compete with.

​Step 3. We come to the rinse and extraction step. Its extremely important to rinse the rug thoroughly with our truck mounted steam cleaning process. this allows us to go to extreme heat levels to kill any germs that could have been there. and regulate the textures of the rug back to its original beautiful look you've been seeking.

​Step 4. To give you the best results please allow the rug to dry for  4-6 hours.

Commercial Cleanings

Appearance is everything to a business!

We offer after hours cleanings, 

special discounts, recurring client pricing,booking in advance and if you refer another business 50% off on your next cleaning! 

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Hardwood Floors

Our method cleans and rejuvenates your floors. Removing any residue from previous cleaning, grime, shoe scuffs and light furniture scuffs. The process is painless for our customers since its 100% DUSTLESS and ODORLESS! Our high quality finish products bond with your existing polyurethane. Completing your floors takes 6-8 hours making possible for you to come home to clean bright  floors. 

After Care
  1.  Sweep and mop frequently 

  2. Take shoes off before walking on

  3. Clean Spills/ food up as soon as possible

Our mattress is proven to be one of the top 10 places that carry the most dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and about 26 gallons of sweat a year. WOW! we would like to take of these problems for you. our method to getting will clean and sanitizes your mattress. Dry times are between 4-8 hours 

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Tile & Grout

Step 1: Pre inspect the condition of your tile and grout.

Step 2: Removal of all rugs, trash cans along with any other belongings on the tile

Step 3: We pre-spray the entire area of tile to break down and grime, dirt and soils that have been imbedded into the tile in grout over time

Step 4: We then move to our high pressure rinse & extraction process that not only deep cleans your tile but our state of the arts equipment leaves no over spray of your most valuable investment and home you live in  

Step 5: Our drying time is a matter of 30 mins or less with outstanding unbeatable results.

Mattress Sanitizing 

  1. Our cleaning process removes most deep-set oily and protein stains, but over a period of time, it's possible for some of them to "resurface" out of the backing or the pad. If this happens, please give us a call. We have a special reduced spotting rate for recurring stains.

  2. We do everything possible to reduce or eliminate pet odors. However, if there is a great deal of contamination, 100% success may not be attainable. Please ask your cleaning technician about our advanced levels of odor removal.


Step 1: Pre-inspect your furniture thoroughly by testing your upholstery fabric for colorfastness, texture and wood fixtures attached.


Step 2: We will then determine which eco- friendly product that will best suit your upholstery's need and proceed with our pre spray.

Step 3: We will determine the proper tool to rinse & extract to get the job done correctly. our high heat will break down all spots, stains, and grime and leave no streak's of water or residue behind.

step 4: dry time is between 4-6 hours during this time we ask you to keep all kids, animals and blankets off them until completely dry for long lasting results

Water Extraction

It's important to get water from your home as soon as it appears to prevent mold, wall damage and potentially sinking of the home due to the wood expanding and becoming less sturdy 

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